Shekere Workshop


Shekeré Workshop

with Bill Mitkoff

May 29, 2015

7:00pm - 9:00pm


This informative and fun workshop will give you some history and how the shekeré is used in folkloric traditions especially in Afro-Cuban and Latin music. The shekeré, a musical instrument that is fun and exciting to play, is a natural gourd instrument covered with strings, rope and beads to make a basket which strikes the calabash. More Info and Registration >>

 Bill Mitkoff


Bill has been making and playing shekere for 9 years and enjoying life! “I have a great passion for teaching and bringing this ancient yet simple instrument to many people who would love it as much as I do”.

He has lead a very successful workshop with Dave Curry and a clinic with the Weston School. Also played with his good friend Steve Langone”s clinic in Beverly Ma.

He continues to perform on a regular basis with well known jazz and Latin groups in the Boston area with various bands playing Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Mediterranean, Armenian and Middle Eastern genres.

You can contact him directly: Bill Mitkoff (shekere Bill) on Facebook; email; 617-838-9023 cell