Djembe Drum Repairs

Djembe repair prices:


For inquiries about repairs for drums other than djembes or balafons, please contact us at:



Phone: 781-316-8068



If this is the first time we will be seeing your djembe, you have choices:


If the skin is broken and all you want (and all you need) is a highest quality new goatskin mounted and tuned to your liking, the cost is $150.-. However, if a ring is broken or won’t hold together during tightening, or the edge is not even, we direct you to our menu below:


• Heading a djembe with a highest quality goat skin using your rings, rope, and ring fabric $150

• New Rope Verticals $28

• New Ring Rope and Loops made and installed $20 per ring. (bottom ring is often not necessary to redo so, usually, it is only one ring to be wrapped and corded.

• New Set of Top Rings fitted to your drum specifically and wrapped and cradled $40 (2)

• Shaping bearing edge (the wood of the drum under the skin) $15

• Oiling the wood and fixing minor cracks $20


Average cost of re-heading a drum to our high standards is $150 to $225 depending on what condition your drum is in and what condition you want it to be when it is completed. This does not include shipping. Bring your hand drum by for an evaluation with Alan. You may leave your drum with another sales associate and Alan will call you with an estimate.


When replacing rope, we generally use black. Other colors by request.


Time for repair Your drum should be repaired within 3 weeks to 1 month. You will be contacted when work is completed. Yes, sometimes your drum can be repaired in a week or two!


When shipping, please enclose a letter with your contact information as well as any specifics that you have on the repair. It is best if you do not include any extra items such as a case or strap with the drum. Upon receiving it we will give you a call to check in.


Drums for repair should be sent to:



PO 1311

Sudbury, MA 02474


A shipping fee will be added to send the drum back to you. The actual cost of shipping the drum. If you walk into our store, there is obviously no shipping fee.

We also repair balafon to perfection. We can accomplish better than new results in fixing your balafon. Since this is a complex instrument, we would discuss the costs and any shipment to us by phone or email or text if you prefer. Please contact DrumConnection to repair your balafon!

Tutorial on Djembe Head Repair

This is Toca Percussion's Tutorial. Some folks may like to try this on your own. But you will see there are a lot of steps, a lot of know-how and in actuality the replacement work takes most people about a few days to get one djembe done. Including wetting and drying time, allowing for 5-10 mistakes, your re-head may take much longer. In our years of practice we have seen most people new to this, give up and bring the drum to us to re-head.


To be complete, I should say that the Toca method shown below is different in many ways than the way DrumConnection repairs our customers' djembes. There are many ways to skin a djembe! This video also gives you an idea in the complexity of the deal and time and patience involved too. Education and Experience are the keys.