Private Drumming Lessons

DrumConnection offers private drumming lessons for enhanced study of the drum. While we believe that group lessons are a great way to go, we also note the need for some to study privately.


Why study privately?

In private study you get real hands-on learning direct from our hands to yours. You can go at your own speed. You can achieve your goals faster especially if you include group classes with private study. If you're someone who learns better by writing rhythms down, private study would be good for you. You may record your individual private lesson on your phone or recording device and listen to it a few times. This is like taking the lesson 2 or 3x over!


The most important reason may be that every individual brings a different set of issues to the lesson and we can deal with all the physical aspects of drumming, the emotional and psychic issues as well. How To Learn How To Drum is a book I wrote years ago and we can go deep into the understanding of how to play correctly, effortlessly and with passion.

New to Private Drumming Lessons?

Happy that you are considering studying drumming in a private format: One on One. We would like to speak with you before your enrollment. Call 781-316-8068 and ask for the Director, Alan Tauber. We will be happy to discuss propper placement. Please leave a message if we are being busy and we'll get back to you in a timely fashion.


Please make sure you have confirmed your lesson, day, time and place with your teacher. You may register over the phone or in person. DrumConnection School can be reached at 781-316-8068 or Registration and payment are required prior to the lessons. We accept all forms of payment.



Private Lesson 1 hour: $75.-

Private Lessons (5 pack): $375.-

Private Lessons (10 pack): $600.-

Lessons in Packs must be taken within 1 year from the date enrolled.

We also have other choices at our Booking Section, check it!



Books, handouts and email support are included in the cost of the private lessons.


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