Monette Marino's Workshop Experience                           June 7, 8 & 9th - Boston 2015!

Monette Marino
Monette Marino

One of the great percussionist of our time comes to Boston THIS June 5th, 6th and 7th. Register Now!


Monette Marino Biography


Founder, Director & Teacher, TTM San Diego


Monette Marino is a popular and well-known drum teacher in San Diego, as well as other cities around the globe. She has been sharing her love of drumming with students and audiences for almost two decades.


Monette’s 30-year journey of exploring different drumming systems from around the world has given her a deep respect for the cultural heritage preserved and passed on through the language of the drum. She started playing drum set at age 8 and then began to develop her hand drumming expertise at age 15.


She has studied with local and international Masters in Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean, Korean and West African drumming.


In 1995 she launched her career as a professional musician and percussion teacher in San Diego, California. At that time she also founded Baraka International Arts (which later became Tam Tam Mandingue USA), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and fostering interest in multi-ethnic drum and dance.

Monette began her apprenticeship with Master Drummer Mamady Keita from Guinea, West Africa in 1996. After three years of intensive studies both in the U.S. and in Africa she became a certified teacher for Tam Tam Mandingue, Mr. Keita’s international school of percussion.


In 1999, Baraka International Arts officially became Tam Tam Mandingue USA, the 11th branch of the school (and only the second location in the USA at that time). Since then, Monette has earned the TTM Diploma of Proficiency from Mr. Keita, a distinction reserved only for those who demonstrate the highest level of knowledge and skill in traditional Mandingue percussion, history, and culture.


Currently she is one of only 6 persons in the world to have achieved this recognition.


From 2003-2012, as Vice President of Tam Tam Mandingue International, Monette dedicated her time and energy to organizing and unifying all the TTM schools/teachers from around the world.


She formalized the organization’s structure, created a standardized criteria for the teacher certification process, and organized the annual TTM International Conferences. The systems she implemented are currently being utilized by TTM International to help insure that the history, traditions, and culture of the Mandingue will be preserved for generations to come.

monette marino

As a professional musician for almost two decades, Monette has performed and recorded with many artists including Mamady Keita and his world-renowned group Sewa Kan.


She has also performed with numerous bands/musicians, appeared on television shows including American Idol, and in 2011 formed her own band and wrote, produced, and recorded her first CD, Coup d Éclat.


Monette continues to explore many drumming styles and systems from around the world and has a deep respect for the cultural heritage preserved and passed on, hand to hand, mouth by mouth, through the language of the drum.


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A taste of Monette's Work...

With an all-star cast of musicians, Monette and Mamady Keita bring a wonderful night of excitement to an enthusiastic Anthology audience. Here is the very beginning of her show, introducing all of the players. Nice solos 2/3's thru - Awesome!


Another taste...

Awesome Monette solo 1/2 way thru! Live concert footage of song "Little Gift" by Monette Marino Keita. Features Monette on percussion, Irving Flores on piano, Mario Gonzalez on trumpet, Mike Holguin on drums, other musicians are John Rekevics on sax, Nikki Campbell on percussion, Keli Ross-Ma'u on steel drum/percussion, Tonga Ross-Ma'u on bass and Larry Mitchell on guitar.


From Guinea 2011-12

This "Pyramid of Rhythms," entitled, "Sira," was performed by the students of Mamady Keita's 2011-2012 drum camp on January 13, 2012 in front of his home near Conakry, Guinea. Monette is strongly leading this ensemble with students of Mamady Keita. She is in the center!