Drum Rental Program

Drum Rental and Case
Drum Rental and Case

We recommend our popular Rental Drum Program for most beginner drummers. Most students in most classes take advantage of the drum rental instead of buying a drum before you know what you want or need in a drum.


Some students like to see how drumming will fit into their lives before they decide to buy a drum so this is often the way to go. Also, in class, you will see many, many kinds of drums and see what seems to work for people in the real world. Also, good to note what the teacher plays and find out why.


This is how it works...


First, you must register for the class of your choice through the school where the class is held. Then, simply let us know before your drum class begins, buy email, phone or text, that you would like to rent a drum. We ask for your full name, address, email and phone number. Show up on time for your first class and your drum will be waiting for you! 


We only accept cash or check to 'Alan Tauber'. For security, we will ask you to fill out a simple rental drum form which will include a place for your home address. You will get the drum and case for the full semester.. Each drum has a number and that will also be included on the form.


Every week, you will take your drum home with you, practice with it if you have time, and bring it with you to the next drum class. It is basically yours for the duration of the class. On the day of your last class, you may leave the drum and case with the teacher, sign off on the form and you are done!


What are the benefits of renting a drum from us...

Renting a quality drum is a smart way to go because it was built by us!  it will easily give you the proper sounds that we will teach you how to play to make the traditional African, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms in class. Not all drums are created equal and over the 34 years we have been teaching Hand Drumming for Beginners in the various school systems, we have seen so many students show up with a ‘bad’ drum that does not work for them. It can be frustrating. Renting is smart!



            Askikos:   (recommended for rentals when available)  


                        $55.- for a 5 week course. 

                        $65.- for a 6 to 10 week course.


~ Ashikos will be picked up at your first class and left with the instructor on the last night of the semester.



                        $75.- for a 5-6 week course.

                        $95.- for a 7-10 week course.


(you may deduct your rental cost from a djembe purchase of a professional djembe of $350 and up during the semester you are renting).



~ All confirmed rental drums, Ashikos or Djembes, will be available for you at your first class. You are responsible for the drum, strap and case for the duration of the rental. Drums must be returned at the last class to the instructor. If not possible, arrangements must be made to return the drum by calling 781-316-8068 or by email: info@drumconnection.com.  We must receive your rental drum within two weeks of the end of classes or you will be billed the full value of the drum and case. 


If you cannot make the last class, you must arrange a return of the drum rental set-up.


“I can’t return the drum at the last class!”


You may...


• Ask another student in your class to return it for you. 


• Contact us (email or 781-316-8068) and make arrangements for the return of the drum.        


Whatever the situation, you must email or call us to arrange the return of the drum and case. Then you will be all set. Thanks! Please remember, if your drum is not returned within 2 weeks of the last day of class, you will be billed for the full value of the drum and case.




If you decide you want to purchase a drum from DrumConnection during the rental period, a portion of your rental cost will be deducted from the price of the new drum. At the end of the course, a portion of the rental cost may be deducted from the cost of a new DrumConnection drum. The amount will be dependent on which drum you decide upon.



We can bring a new ashiko or djembe drum to class for you to try. You should know by mid-semester what to look for in a great drum. If you love the drum we choose for you, you may purchase it right there in class with an appropriate case that is optional but highly recommended to protect your investment. Payment for purchases may be by check or cash.