Drumming Classes for ALL levels

Hand Drumming Classes for Spring 2021

Hey Drummers!
How are you all doing? I hope everybody is very well and we've got some new, really fun drumming coming up for you! Yes! We are holding classes 2-3 x a week at The River Charles where it’s warm thru October 10th. Also other nights; other locations.
Herter Park
1175 Soldiers Field Rd.
Brighton, MA 02134
(near the Kids MDC POOL on the grass - beautiful area)
We will be setting up classes for inside at the Munroe Center for the Arts in the evening on Thursday nights for people who work during the day. I will announce them soon.
Needham Community Ed
Beginner Drumming Classes
Begins Monday May 10, 2021
Get info here>>
Coming Soon!
Munroe Center for the Arts
1403 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington MA 02420
A really cool old Lexington brick building serving the Lexington community for about 80 years!
Please bring your djembe or other hand or stick drum to class. Also, bottled water and maybe earplugs if you’re sensitive. But, we won’t be playing hard!
We will be learning all about the djembe and how to play it well. We even created some ‘dos and don’ts’ for you! No matter where you travel and play djembe, you will be at the top of your game!
Classes and Circles are Outside NOW! Please get on our mailing list to get the latest drum class info: www.meetup.com/drumconnection/
Soon may come a Tuesday Night Drum Class. Come and see how much fun learning how to really play that djembe can be!
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
(Doors will open 6:45 PM)
All levels welcome BUT Limited to 10 students!
$20.- each class, cash only (checks accepted).
only $139.- for all 8 classes!
Shoot me an email to register. You may lock in your registration by mailing a check for the $139.-. Just email me first or call.
Easy - free parking behind the building. (Please don’t park on Mass Ave - easier to park behind. Then, come around front and go in the Right front door to classroom #222 to your right.
Drums! If you wound like to join us but don’t have a drum, let us know and we'll bring a pro drum for you at $10.00 each. (semester pricing for the DRUM RENTAL for Thursday night class is: $75.- for the semester. Return drum on last week or buy your drum and take the $75 off the price)
Alan Tauber, Director
Tested Covid Precautions In Place
We do require face masks at this time and social distancing. We expect this to go away soon.
We may have extra drums and chairs if you need them. Please let us know BEFORE YOU COME when you reply to this. Thanks.
See Boston Drum Circle for those who just want to come to a drumcircle.
Make certain you have my number and text or call.
alan@drumconnection.com - 617-686-6080
Munroe Center for the Arts
1403 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington MA 02420


Cost: $139.- for the 8 week course or $20 per class.


Payments may be made in cash, check. If paying by check, please make it payable to 'Alan Tauber'. 


You may rent a drum for class if you don't own one. Please call DrumConnection to reserve a drum rental. 617-686-6080 Visit our Class Policies


Optional: Feel free to audio record on your phone; please no video without asking.


Health Concerns: DrumConnection has been authorized by our state representative and the State Police to hold these events on the Charles Rivers as we have for over 35 years.

Boston Drumming Community
Drum Class at DrumConnection is really great!

Drum Set Lessons 

with DrumConnection


Get really good on the drum set (kit)!! Whether a beginner or more professional drummer, Alan can help you achieve your goals. He has been teaching Drum Kit since he was 10 years old! (He started playing at 4yrs) At the age of 10 he had his Saturday overbooked from 10am - 5pm! All Styles of music.


Adults and Children very welcome.


For ages 6 to all adults in your home. You can schedule your lesson online at anytime or call to schedule. 


See schedule here >>

Alan Tauber Bio:

Alan has extensive teaching and playing experience in drums set, marching band, conga drum, and as a specialist on djembe drum, for over 40 years. He attended Boston University School of Music, University of Miami Coral Gables Music Department, spent graduate time at Berklee College of Music for five years, and postgraduate work at New England Conservatory, Boston, MA with emphasis on Santeria and Bata percussion, music and spiritual practices, and graduate work also in Haitian music spirituality, culture and, of course, Hatian drumming.


Over the years, Alan has played in many famous Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Punk bands, some of which you probably know. He's also travelled extensively to Africa to study with the greatest drummers, steeped in the African djembe tradition. His Master is Famoudou Konaté, who took Alan under his wing for private instruction and taught him the secrets of the djembe and dunun drums. Alan loves teaching youngsters and oldsters alike! In 2016/17 Famoudou asked Alan to teach for him certain days at Famoudou's famous drummers' compound.  Mamady Keita has also asked Alan to fill in at times to lead workshops in America. Alan has taught djembe across the US as well as Europe and even in Guinea and The Gambia working with the great drummers there and all over the world.