Trip To Oroko, Guinea Africa!

JAN 15 - FEB 13, 2023

drum class - Mamady Kourouma
drum class - Mamady Kouyate, Banjou
the best feeling in the world - a great drum class on the soil of Africa.
drum class
Banjou on dununba - asst instructor
Mamady & Mamady
Mamady Kouyate - Instructor

Konden Mask Dance in Simbaya
Konden Mask Dance in Simbaya


      January 15, 2023 to February 13, 2023


Join us for the trip of a lifetime, study djembe and dunun drumming in Africa with Masters of the craft. A true cultural and musical immersion in Malinké music.  An unforgettable journey to the birthplace of the djembe! In this solid 3 week trip you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the music and culture of Oroko, Guinea.


Study drum and dance, attend festivals and celebrations, learn about the country and its people and discover the magic that IS Africa! Also, the tambin, the beautiful African flute.


Former Travelers' Accolades


“I just read the follow-up email you wrote Alan. I can’t thank you enough for this incredible experience. I am amazed at how much I learned and not just on djembe. But, for me, it was about the people of Africa. They made me a brother and we became very close. Thanks for changing my life!!”


“It amazes me that we became part of a family within a day and were so welcomed. For me, for the first time in my life, I felt at home. The instruction in all the instruments was fantastic and the teachers were extraordinary. Thank you for making this at all possible. It was, as you said, life changing!”


“Thank you Alan, Your great work continues to inspire, even in the face of violence and war--ESPECIALLY in the face of the darkness. Blessings to you and Fanta -- may DrumConnection grow and spread the beauty of African drumming far and wide! I hope to travel with you once again this coming year on these great trips.”


"I have only studied with Famoudou for a week in the United States a few years ago and have been hoping to travel to Guinea to study with him in his home. I am so excited to see this trip posted. I am signing up right now!"


While we will be drumming quite a bit we will also experience traditional West African dance and experience the connection to The Motherland. Through this experience, we will grow as musicians and experience profound personal changes as we develop and explore our new relationships with our teachers, friends and the environment. 




- Full Guinean Trip 2023: only $2,500.-; January 15, 2023 - February 13, 2023

(not including airfare) We help you find best flight prices....!


You will be able to buy jewelry & fabric & visit tailors to have clothes made for you, your friends and family and even your complete performance troupe!


Some nights you will enjoy candlelight when there is no electricity. You will see the Moon and Stars like never before as we are very near the equator. The days are warm and it usually cools down a little at night.


When you register, you will receive detailed advice and support on what to bring in a comprehensive list that will be provided in a few emails. We can also send by post, if necessary.

In memory of my good friend Rainer Dorer, friend to Famoudou and a man you should know about. The kindest organizer of Famoudou Workshops and caring man who passed much to early in life. I miss you Rainer :(

Famoudou Konaté
Famoudou Konaté

Mamady Kourouma, Oroko, Guinea will be your host. 


Wadaba will be available to you for any of your wishes or concerns from the time you pack your bags to the day we come home once again. We will make your stay very enjoyable and be able to tailor a workshop that will meet your needs.



Please send us an email as soon as possible to let us know of your interest in this tour. There are some meetings (optional) that give you a great idea of what to expect and how to prepare. Upon request, we will email you a registration form to get you started.


The food will be traditional African fare based on rice with a variety of sauces or traditional fare. You may enjoy chicken, beef, goat and lots of fresh fish. There are always fresh vegetables and delicious fresh fruit. Vegetarian meals will always be available for you. Food will be prepared in the village. The cooking goes on ALL day! If you like it spicy, we do spicy hot! Or tame, if you must.


There is always bottled water available for purchase, highly recommended and necessary for your health. Many surprises too!



Classes in Djembe and Dunun and Dance will be 4-5 days a week. Many afternoons we will have dance classes as people wish. You may focus on dance or drum or both. Drum Classes will include proper tone production, feel, relaxation, speed, rolls, solos, traditional rhythms, songs and the cultural context of the rhythms; All Village Style under the supervision of Wadaba!



Every 3-4 days we will have the next day OFF. These OFF days may be perfect for further musical study with a specialist in the instrument you love or perfect for a vacation day.


The price of this year's trip includes:

• Transport on the ground from the airport in Guinea.

• Lodging, based on double occupancy or single may be available.

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared exqusitly local chefs to your liking.

• Drumming classes 4-5 days a week, dancing, and language classes arranged by request.

• Transport to and from the Airport.



Plan to bring spending money for expenses not covered and purchases you may make during your stay. A $500.- deposit is required to secure your spot on the trip. Deposits must be received by cash, check or Venmo, by December 24, 2022.

Management Contact : Alan Tauber or 617-686-6080

DrumConnection Trip to Guinea 2014 with Mamady Kourouma, Instructor and students.

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE (but not much more)

Food when we are away from the village is slightly extra. Probable side trips in taxis and the like and your airfare is not included in the price. Airfare is from $999 RT to $1650 RT depending on where you are departing from. The cost of obtaining a passport and visa are not included in the tuition.


All the above ‘not includeds’ are not much more cost. Pocket change.


Most importantly we will give you all the information you need in easy to do steps that make this trip doable! 


•You must get your documents in order. We will help with all of it.

•You must have a passport and a visa to enter Guinea.

•Yellow Fever vaccination is required. We recommend consulting a travel clinic in your country.

•Anti-Malarial medication is also required. (Many choices are available)

•Other vaccines may be warranted. You MUST speak with your PCP or a travel clinic at your local hospital. We do not want anyone to get sick because they didn't get the best advice here in the US or Canada. Important to avail yourself of the services of a Travel Clinic associated with a hospital.


The weather conditions in Guinea are beautiful but hot. The days are warm (hot) and sunny and the nights are much cooler but prepare for warm conditions. Details will be sent to registrants to help you plan your trip. We will actually speak with all of you who have your deposits in by December 24, 2022; or before. Please give us your contact info so we can initiate a conversation and answer any questions you may have.


Please call or text us @ 781-316-8068 as soon as you know you will travel with us to Guinea.


You must arrive on our start date and leave the last day of the workshop. If you need flexibility with dates we can assist you. If you wish to stay on for a longer period of time, arrangements can easily be made. 



If you are so enthralled with Africa and would like to stay for a longer time, the cost will be minimal which includes your food and lodging. You can arrange lessons in drum, dance, other instruments or just enjoy some down time with your new friends there.


Please email us or call us at 781-316-8068 (country code 001)

By US Mail:

PO Box 293

Wayland, MA 01778 USA

Travel with us to Guinea . . . You will never be the same.

...I was amazed at the conversations I had with co-workers from Africa about family life, respect, and the difference between our cultures. Before I went to Africa the conversations alone changed my views of my own race. After I went to Africa.....It changed my life!
from a drummer on her first trip to Africa.

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