Drumming Classes for all levels of skill

Hand Drumming for Beginners

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Drum Class is really great!

Beginners Drumming Classes


Arlington Tuesdays Mixed-Level Tuesday Drum Class, begins Sept 20, 2016 - October 18, 2016 (5 sessions) - Tuesdays at 7:30pm - Nancy Bonner


Brookline Tuesdays Sept 27,2016 - Nov 8, 2016

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (6 sessions) - Tuesdays at 7:00pm - Mark Williams - Call BroADED: 617-730-2700


Lexington Tuesdays begins October 18 - November 22, 2016, LHS, Room 247. 6 Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm. $137/Seniors $115. CALL for Fall info: 781 862 8043  - DrumConnection Faculty


Arlington Wednesdays begins Aug 31, 2016 - October 19, 2016 (8 sessions) - Wednesdays at 7:30pm - Audrey Diallo


Newton Wednesdays begins September 28, 2016 - November 9, 2016 (6 sessions) - Wednesdays at 7:00pm - Lillian Hastie


Arlington Thursdays begins Sept 29, 2016 - Nov 17, 2016 (8 sessions) - Thursdays at 7:15pm - Fanta Keita Tauber


Join in really fun class for beginners as well as advanced beginners - many levels; Great, fun classes. No experience necessary but most people play a bit. - Drum rentals available.


Make ups for our Beginner Classes are easy. See our Class Policies for more info.


Make ups for our Beginner Classes are easy. See our Class Policies for more info.




Arlington Tuesdays  Mixed-Level Tuesday Drum Class, Sept 20, 2016 - October 18, 2016 (5 sessions) - Tuesdays at 7:30pm - Nancy Bonner




Arlington Wednesdays begins August 31, 2016 - October 19, 2016

(8 sessions) - Wednesdays at 7:30pm - Audrey Diallo


Make ups for our Beginner Classes are easy. See our Class Policies for more info.

Continuing Adult Drumming Classes

Intermediate to Advanced


Performance Troupe Class

with Alan Tauber, Instructor

TBA Mondays 7pm - 9pm  (instructor's approval required)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Must have teacher approval to join. Contact Alan directly by email or phone. 781-316-8068

Mamady Wadaba Kourouma
Mamady Wadaba Kourouma

Amazing! Charming! Talented! WADABA!

October 13, 14, 15, 16, 2016

 Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Professionals Welcome

Mamady Kourouma is true Master Djembefola (master drummer), expert of Malinke Rhythms and one of world’s great djembe players! And he is coming near you!



Thurs: 7pm - 9pm

Fri: 7pm - 9pm

Sat: 1pm - 4pm


Sun: 1pm - 4pm


Registration is limited. Please check it out and plan on having the time of your life with this expert teacher.


Sundays at DrumConnection


African Rhythm Sundays with Namory Keita!


Begins: Sept 11, 2016 - October 16, 2016

5:00pm - 7:00pm (6 weeks) $165.-


Extraordinary workshops that capture the pure essence of Africa and her rhythms, songs and movements!


Namory Keita and other guest African Masters will be teaching the workshops. They are calm, patient and filled with humor and the wisdom of the music and the culture of Mali or Guinea. Come on out and see how great a drum class and experience can be! 

Drum Set Lessons 

with Alex Brander

A young, personable teacher who has been with DrumConnection  less than a year but totally gets our teaching philosophy. For ages 6 to all adults. Unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. You can schedule your lesson online or call to schedule.


At DrumConnection : 781-316-8068 (Noon - 6pm)


See schedule here >> coming



Alex Brander Bio:

Alex has been teaching professionally since 2012, specializing in many styles of drumming and percussion from classical to rock. While attending the University of New Hampshire for Music Education/Performance, Alex gained knowledge as not only a drum set player but as a classical percussionist, performing in orchestras, pit bands, and as a soloist on both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. This experience combined with his extensive knowledge of popular music genres such as: Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Calypso, Funk, and R&B, have allowed him to teach and perform regularly in various settings and styles.


Traveling both nationally and internationally, Alex’s multi-faceted approach to music has gained him experience in marching percussion, percussion ensembles, hand drumming, and even steel pan competitions in the Caribbean. Alex enjoys teaching all levels and all percussion instruments and believes there is no one to young or too old to embrace the power of music and drumming.

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