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Monette Marino Workshop Schedule - Boston 2014!

Monette Marino is a popular and well-known drumming teacher in San Diego, as well as other cities around the globe. She has been sharing her love of drumming with students and audiences for almost two decades along side the great Mamady Keita!


We begin on Saturday May 17th at 1PM with workshops all day. Pick and choose or take the whole day. Then, we continue on Sunday May 18th with more drumming with Monette. We encourage you to all to spend as much time as possible with this star of the percussion world.


Join Monette as we come together to learn more about the drum, it's history, rhythms, and more in totally HANDS ON, LOTS OF DRUMMING workshops. Meet new and old friends too! Beginners to Professional drummers ALL welcome. Note: Classes are unique and most often not dependent upon each other.






KIds Music and Rhythm Classes _____________________________________

Kids having fun and learning music!
Kids having fun and learning music!


Kids Music and Rhythm Class

with Erin Bollacker and DrumConnection staff


• Spring Semester I begins: April 13, 2014 (open enrollment)


• Spring Semester II begins: June 1, 2014 (enrollment will open next week)


Children of all ages come together and play hand drums and stick drums, sing and do some dance moves with instructor of music, Erin. This is a great 45 minutes of pure fun! Limited space. Registration required. Register online


Please don't wait! Classes are filling up; limited enrollment!

Adult Music and Rhythm Classes _____________________________________

SUNDAY DRUM CLASSES with Ibrahima Camara! In progress - join us!


Join us for an 8 week series of Djembe drumming classes as taught by Senegalese Artist Ibrahima Camara, the man who brought djembe to all of New England.


In these 8, 2-hour sessions from 5pm - 7pm on Sunday evenings, we will learn more about the djembe and dunun drums and get into some great drum grooves.


Register for the 8 week semester as soon as possible. Limited to 14.




If you play djembe, this is the place to be! Make Sundays your African drumming day and add healthy rhythms and energy into your life!


Parking is easy on Mass Ave and even easier if you read about our secret spots.

Travel to Guinea, West Africa THIS January with us!

Trip To Africa • Jan 10th - Jan 31, 2014


Make your plans NOW to travel with us to Guinea! Learn drum, dance, and more. 


Join us for the trip of a lifetime, studying djembe and dunun drumming in Africa with Masters of the craft. A true cultural and musical immersion in Malinké music. Boston area’s DrumConnection is hosting an unforgettable journey to the birthplace of the djembe. In this 3 week trip you will have the opportunity to delve into the music and culture of Guinea. Study drum and dance, attend festivals and celebrations, learn about the country and its people and discover the magic that IS Africa!  More info...

DrumConnection Trip to Guinea 2012-3 with Mamady Kourouma, Instructor - Last Day!

Drum Repair _____________________________________________________

Djembe Repair 


Complete drum repair service. Using Guinean goat and cow skins and traditional methods, we will make your drum like new or really, better than new! We also can repair dunun, (djun-djun), doumbeks, congas, bongos and middle-eastern drums. Call or contact us today. 

Let us make your musical instruments better than new!

Learn to Drum!

Learn to play, get good and create community with us. Our music school is traditional African. Africa and her rhythms are alive for all drummers...right here in Boston!


NEW! Day and Evening Hand Drumming for Beginners - Adults and Kids - many cities and locations near you. Drum rentals available. Join us!


Sign up today add some rhythm, joy, community and new friends to your life. Dancing and Drumming are powerful, life-enriching & healing activities.  No experience necessary for most classes. Learn how to drum with us! Info on all classes>>

Visit our store online or on Mass Ave, Arlington, MA USA!


Workshops in February 2014 ____________________________________

DrumConnection in Guinea - December 2013 _________________________

drum class - Mamady Kourouma
drum class - Mamady Kouyate, Banjou
the best feeling in the world - a great drum class on the soil of Africa.
drum class
Banjou on dununba - asst instructor
Mamady & Mamady
Mamady Kouyate - Instructor
drum class

Who's using our drums? __________________________________________

Mamady Keita Boston 2012 ________________________________________

MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012
MK Boston 2012

Montreal Drum Circle _____________________________________________

Mrs G

Boston Drum Circle ______________________________________________

Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle

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From our good friends at Rhythm Traders, Portland Oregon. Brad Boynton, Owner.

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Sayon Camara: Nyenema

Recent Customer Reviews


March 27, 2014

Today I had an experience. I came in to see if there was a foot tambourine to add to our band and left happily having spent about $100 for parts of a foot pedal and real tambourine. Alan is so knowledgable, patient, service oriented and gracious I gladly left the $ on the table and can't wait to use my new prize!


Mitchell N.


February 2, 2014

I went to buy a drum and I was able to take my time and try them and hear Alan play them. He gave me good advice and many different options. Definetely recomend it!!!

Sabrina G.


January 19, 2014

Allen Tauber is COOL.

John G.


January 4, 2014

Ongoing classes at DrumConnection. I really grow as I attend the classes. I look at the drummer I was a few years ago, and I am thankful for how far these classes have brought me. 

Joel G.


December 17, 2013

I was able to take care of many on my Christmas list; hand drums for my kids, lessons for their Dad and a tambourine for me.

Thanks for the help!!

Jennifer a. 


December 11, 2013

Everything went well. I enjoyed my visit and the store is filled with beautiful percussion instruments.

Louis K.


December 6, 2013

This is an interesting shop packed full of drums and drum accessories, some limited art and textiles and jewelry and loaded with passion by the staff. John was a pleasure to talk to and shared his fascinating background in his own training and love of drumming. Very special jewel of a place!

Ramona D.


November 30, 2013

Alan at the drum connection made for a great drum buying experience. I told him the sound I was looking for and he quickly began demonstrating several different options he thought would work. I never felt like he was just trying to sell me something. He clearly has good quality instruments at great prices. Will definitely come back here for my next purchase.

Peter C. 


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