Do I need to have surgery?

Hi! Alan here. I have some important info for you to hear. It is from my experiences with shoulder pain, elbow pain, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation. I have also used alternative treatments with great success.


So, this is my statement: It is rarely necessary or even a good idea to have surgery on your shoulder or elbow simply because you are experiencing pain.


Alternative approaches are usually better with better outcomes. That's as simple as I can be about it. I wrote that in 2013 and in 2017 I believe this even more...much more.


Please... THINK before even considering surgery anywhere on you body. The aftermath of an unnecessary surgery may NOT be what you imagined or were told. And you have scar tissue and many other post-surgical traumas that may not be mentioned in your doctor's office.


If you are in pain, please seek the advice of much more than the best surgeon in town. Get to a physiatrist for an opinion. Get to a chiropractor for an opinion. Get to an acupuncturist for an opinion. Then, and only then, do what you will. I hate to be in pain and if I can pass on solid advice to the general public, without seeing the patient, I will and do here.


In fact, I have deleted the page of info because it is now out-of-date as we are approaching and IN a new way of healing. Regenerative Medicine. Please watch the video below and search out alternatives to any surgeries. There is prolotherapy, PRP, stem cell treatments and more. I have used two of the three mentioned with great results. That's why I drum so well :) 


Special thanks to Dr. Ben Benjamin, Dr. Milne J. Ongley, Dr. Joanne Borg-Stein, Dr. Luke Oh and Dr. Anya Lepp. With their help and support, I am still drumming and playing percussion today!