Bolokada Condé Biography

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Bolokada Conde is true Master Djembefola (master drummer), expert of Malinke Rhythms and one of world’s best djembe players.

Bolokada was a young musical prodigy who became a sensation in the Sankaran region of Guinea, West Africa. As a master folklorist, he became the premier djembe player of all the major village celebrations in the region for many years.

Bolokada joined the world famous Les Percussion du Guinee to replace the legendary Noumoudy Keïta as their lead drummer. He traveled and performed in major performance venues all over the world since 1996 and was even featured in the IMAX movie PULSE: a Stomp Odyssey.

Since 2004, he has been performing and teaching in the United States. He is the musical director and lead soloist of Ballet Waraba in North Carolina, Ballet Wassa-Wassa in Santa Cruz, California and Les Percussion Malinke in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has conducted percussion workshop all over the US and Europe. In 2012 Bolokada substituted for Famoudou Konaté in Canada for the complete series of worships in Canada. Not too many people can do that - Nor would they succeed, but he is that good!

He has released two musical cd's Morowaya and Sankaran and the subject of an upcoming documentary "Bolokada Conde- Malinke Village Djembefola”

Mamady Keita, the most well known djembe player in the world, calls Bolokada “A brilliant and entertaining performer, a patient and precise teacher, and as one of the few masters of his instrument. Few others are able to captivate his audience as he does, an even fewer are able to clearly and concisely teach this music."

Bolokada is one of the most sought after teachers of djembe! His enthusiasm, charm and incredible skill, speed and sound quality on djembe with the very traditional rhythms and songs in his repertoire is impressive and correct, as he returns yearly to his homeland in Guinea. And we bring him to Boston just about every year as we can. And... we CAN!