New Ebola Cases Confirmed In Guinea As WHO Warns Of More Possible Flare Ups

Two new cases of Ebola have been detected in Guinea, and WHO has warned that the African country is still at risk of Ebola flare-ups.

WHO dispatched a team of specialists to the southern prefecture of Nzérékoré after new cases were confirmed in a rural village.


Guinean health officials in the region alerted WHO and partners on 16 March to three

unexplained deaths in recent weeks in the village of Koropara and said other members of the same family are currently showing symptoms characteristic of Ebola.


Guinea's Ministry of Health, WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and UNICEF sent in investigators on 17 March. Samples were taken from 4 individuals. A mother and her 5-year-old son, relatives of the deceased, confirmed positive for Ebola virus disease in lab tests. The 2 have been taken to a treatment facility.


The new infections in Guinea were confirmed the same day that WHO declared the end of the latest Ebola flare-up in neighboring Sierra Leone. WHO said recurrences of the disease should be anticipated and that the 3 Ebola-affected countries must maintain strong capacity to prevent, detect and respond to disease outbreaks.


"WHO continues to stress that Sierra Leone, as well as Liberia and Guinea, are still at risk of Ebola flare-ups, largely due to virus persistence in some survivors, and must remain on high alert and ready to respond," WHO said in a statement.


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