We Are Over Ebola in Guinea


We must now wait 42 days without a new case for the country to declare an end to the epidemic.

The last patient known Ebola in Guinea, an infant aged 19 days, has been cured and left Conakry hospital where he was being treated, said

Monday the public health authorities.

Negative tests. "The last confirmed case of Ebola has left the clinic," said Fode Sylla Tass, spokesman for the coordination center of the fight against the epidemic. Both tests were negative, he said. The baby, tainted by his mother, who did not survive, was born in the Ebola treatment center Nongo in Conakry.

Quarantine. Sixty-eight others were kept in quarantine without developing the disease. It will take 42 days without a new case for the end of the epidemic can be declared in the country of West Africa.

11,500 patients. Two other countries were at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak last year that killed more than 11,500 patients: Liberia is officially released in September and Sierra Leone in early.

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