IFRC Ebola response in Guinea: explaining why we do, what we do

Ebola treatment in Guinea
Helena Humphrey told DW that much of the Red Cross work focuses on education and awareness

The WHO says Ebola cases are on the rise in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. DW spoke to the IFRC spokesperson for Ebola Response in West Africa, Helena Humphrey, about the daily fight against the deadly virus.

DW: What has been the public's response to the operation to stop the spread of Ebola?

Helena Humphrey: Everybody here knows why they are fighting against Ebola. When I have spoken to people in different villages, and I have asked them why they are fighting Ebola, they have all come back to me with convincing answers, but different answers. They said, to protect myself, to protect my family, and to protect you, people from western countries, so it does not spread further. They also said to 

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