Alpha Conde moots ruling party restructuring

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Alpha Conde

Guinean president, Alpha Conde has underlined the need for his ruling Rally of the Guinean People (RPG-Rainbow) to undergo massive restructuring ahead of the next elections.
Conde said this is to address the lack of confidence between its leadership and the grassroots.


Speaking on the sidelines of the party’s weekly traditional meeting held at Hamdallaye, President Conde pointed out that he was not dishing out instructions but taking stock of the situation surrounding the rainbow coalition.


There is a crisis of confidence between the sympathizers and the officials. And let me be clear, when members of the party want their leaders changed it simply means that the latter are not workingâ€, the Guinean leader pointed out.

Conde said the party which won 53 seats out of the 114 up for grabs during the last legislative polls, is presently undermined by “lies and lack of confidence.

Alpha Conde who could not come to terms with his party’s defeat in five Conakry communes had promised to remake the structures of the RPG-Rainbow by selling membership cards.


Leading Guinea’s main opposition for decades, President Conde came to power as president in December 2010 at the end of a transition presided over by the military.

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