Guinean gov’t asks opposition to help unblock electoral process


CONAKRY, Oct. 20 — The Guinean government on Friday appealed to the country’s opposition leaders to get involved in the process to unblock the ongoing electoral process so that the country could hold free and fair legislative elections.


It’s on this basis that the territorial administration minister, Alhassane Conde, appeared on national television on Thursday and castigated Guinea’s radical opposition for trying to impede the electoral process.

He said that the opposition leaders had not yet agreed on the formula for choosing their 10 representatives to the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), as the presidential camp and the civil society groups had done.


“No one has a right to hold hostage the Guinean people and the ongoing democratic process,” the minister said and added that the Guinean people were tired with the current opposition strategy of blocking the electoral process.


Conde threatened that if the opposition parties cannot agree, then he will resort to the electoral code and distribute the positions among the opposition members, in order to end the stand- off.


In order to form the new CENI, the presidential camp has handed in a list of its ten representatives, the civil society has handed in the list of its three representatives, the Guinean public service has handed in the list of its two representatives whereas the opposition has handed in 14 lists containing 37 names yet they only have an allocation of ten slots.


This means that there is a total of 17 lists with 52 proposed representatives for only 25 available positions.

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