Police fire tear gas as 1000s march in Guinea

Tear Gas in Guinea

CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — Thousands of protesters marched in Guinea’s capital to call for the departure of South African company Waymark, which was hired by the Guinean government to re-do the country’s electoral list.


Police fired tear gas to disperse the marchers but there were no immediate reports of injuries.


Guinea held its first democratic election in 2010, after delaying

the vote multiple times, as candidates demanded changes in the voters’ register. Since then, the country has failed to hold parliamentary elections, as the ruling party demands another revision. Because Waymark was hired by the ruling party, the opposition says that they fear it is conniving with President Alpha Conde’s administration.


Opposition leader Lansana Kouyate told the marchers, ‘‘We are calling for the departure of Waymark, a company that was recruited by Alpha Conde.’’

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