Opposition figures march in Guinea to demand fair elections

Protesters hold a placard reading "We want an election, not a selection", as they take part in a demonstration (AFP, Cellou Binani)

CONAKRY — Thousands of opposition supporters marched in the streets of the Guinean capital Conakry on Thursday to demand "free, credible and transparent" parliamentary elections.


Among the political figures present were former prime ministers Sidya Toure and Lansana Kouyate, as well as opposition figures Aboubacar Sylla and Fode Mohamed Soumah.


The authorised march took place in the southern part of the capital, with several thousand people in attendance, AFP estimated.


"We want free and transparent elections that ensure a lasting

peace. Guinea is held hostage by a handful of people who don't want to see genuine democracy," opposition figure Faya Millimono said.


Legislative elections have been postponed several times since President Alpha Conde took power in December 2010, and the repeated delays have sparked several opposition protests.


Still, the opposition has recently seen some of its demands met, including the departure of the chairman of the election committee, though opponents remain concerned about how the electoral register is maintained.


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