Guinea: Did Conde Order a Massacre of Opposition Supporters for Tomorrow?

Guinea Guns Poised and Ready
Guinea Guns Poised and Ready

A few days ago, Guinea Oye reported that the opposition postponed its march, scheduled for tomorrow, May 24, because Alpha Conde was going to be out of the country on a multinational tour.


Yet, prior to the postponement, there were indications that Conde’s supporters were going to mount a counter-march. Today, guinee58 reports that Conde was going to bring in mercenaries, in particular from the former ULIMO militia (the militia which had unleashed unfathomable barbarity on the

civilian population of Liberia) to attack opposition demonstrators tomorrow.


With this information, it is likely that the opposition postponed the march because it knew of this plan and decided that, if a massacre was on Conde’s agenda, it would not happen while Conde was out of country whereby he could deny culpability in the carnage.


Obviously, the May 10 opposition march, which was 80,000 plus strong, concerned Conde. Pictures and video of the event showed the world that Conde has a formidable opposition on his doorstep. Further, the size of the opposition march alone puts Conde’s own legitimacy in question. He had to steal the election to get to the presidency,but more importantly, if he had not had Louceny Camara’s help to steal thousands of ballots cast for Cellou Diallo, Diallo would have won the presidency outright in the first round!


Conde sits in Sekoutoureya trying desperately to convince the world he came to office with a mandate. When you steal an election, you have no mandate. Desperation begets desperate acts. These are extremely dangerous times for the opposition in Guinea.

Finally, guineenews reports that in N’Zerekore, in the eastern part of Guinea, there is a major influx of “donzos” (otherwise known as hunters) which started at the beginning of May.


Authorities in the area estimate there are approximately 1,200 of them. If you recall, during the September 27, 2011, opposition march, Conde arranged for a large number of donzos to enter Conakry and, side by side with state security, they attacked unarmed opposition demonstrators.


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