Jammeh Hosts Former Guinean Information Minister, Tuareg Rebels, And MFDC Fighters!

Mr. Tibou Kamara
Mr. Tibou Kamara

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is hosting Mr. Tibou Kamara, the former Information and Telecommunication Minister in the late Lansana Conteh administration, alongside with other Guinean rebels working on toppling the Government of President Condeh of Guinea Conakry, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed.  The Guinean delegation are hosted at a local hotel at the Tourism Development Area under the protection of the Gambian Government, our source hinted.

Former Information Minister Tibou Kamara is a cousin of Gambia’s First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh, whose late father was a Guinean diplomat assigned to the Kingdom of Morocco.


This makes it much easier for them to regroup in the Gambia to strategize their next line of action after the failed assassination on the life of the Guinean leader. Mr. Condeh survives the plot and in turn accuses Jammeh of The Gambia and the former Senegalese President Wade of spearheading the failed assassination attempt on his life.

The Guinean dissidents are using the Gambia as a safe haven in a bid to spearhead a home comeback—with the sole objective of deposing the Guinean Government.

Rebels loyal to former President Gbagbo are also hosted in the Gambia. Administration sources said the former Gbagbo Youth Minister is in Banjul with other rebels.

In a separate development, Mr. Jammeh who is notorious for arms trafficking in the region, and the backing of the MFDC rebels in neighboring Casamance, Senegal,  is hosting the Malian Tuareg rebels at his Kanilai Housing Estate.

It’s not clear what Mr. Jammeh is up to, but what is evident though Banjul is increasingly becoming recruitment center for reengage rebels trying to make a comeback in their respective countries where political change has been effected through democratic means. 


A Freedom Newspaper revelations about Jammeh hosting the Guinean and Tuareg rebels led to the dismissal of some army officers in Kanilai and at the State House in Banjul.

A security analyst familiar with the situation said: “ Jammeh is following the footsteps of his former Godfather Muhammed Qaddafi.  He wants to equip his Government with foreign fighters. Jammeh needs to be monitored otherwise he will destabilize the region.  He is aligning himself with a dangerous rebel group.”

“He needs clients to sell the arms he acquired from Iran and elsewhere around the world. Jammeh is an arms merchant. He wants to showcase his might in the sub-region by welcoming folks who are not up to anything good. ECOWAS and other organizations should pay a special attention to Jammeh. He is a threat to the sub-region.”

Sources close to Gambia’s Armed Forces said Mr. Jammeh is a career arms trafficker. Sources confirmed that Jammeh has been a major benefactor of the Iran’s arms supply.  He in turn resells the arms to warring factions.

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