YAHYA JAMMEH - Drumming Boston


by An Insider Banjul

During the recently conducted ECOWAS Summit on Guinea Bissau and Mali, the Heads of West African State have taken the bold initiative of showing the likes of President Yahya Jammeh that efforts could be made to have them prosecuted whilst in power. Ecowas we will recall did boycott the Gambia’s Presidential and Legislative Elections and have so far never agreed to the results of both elections.

The Commonwealth recently too denounced the Elections and the process leading to the Elections. These two powerful bodies alone have more mandate than the African Union which spearheaded the endorsement of the flawed Presidential and Legislative Elections. President Jammeh therefore is the only African President for now who has legitimised an illegitimate election and is now heading a Government that has not been elected by the will of the people.

When Jammeh arrived at the Banjul International Airport from the Ivory Coast meeting, of course he gave an interview to the Journalists and this is an excerpt of the interview: President Jammeh posited that they do hope that the junta will not lose this chance, because as he puts it, there are so many things lined up for them.


One of these, he said, is that “Ecowas will invite the International Criminal Court (ICC) to make a thorough investigation of all the assassinations, murders, coups and attempted coups including also drug dealing so that anybody found wanting would be taken to the international court of justice”. “But they can avoid that by negotiating with Ecowas and comply with its resolution and then we solve the problem peacefully,” he asserted.

My God look at who is talking. Going by the words of President Jammeh, I think the ICC has got their man. If the ICC should investigate any President for assassinations, murders, alleged coup plots and drug dealing, President Jammeh should be first on their list. How many of his opponents did he kill or more so how many of them disappeared and to date no one knows their whereabouts. Is this not a crime for the ICC to investigate? How many of his former soldiers did he frame for attempted coups and have either killed them or are incarcerated at the notorious Mile II Central Prisons for no reasons. Is this not a case for the ICC to investigate? Is Yahya Jammeh himself not a notorious drug dealer?

There are people who can attest to this. If the ICC has to investigate any African President for drug dealing Yahya Jammeh should form a priority on their list. I sincerely think the West African Heads of State were talking to Yahya Jammeh indirectly. All the actions they want to invite the ICC to investigate the Bissau Junta for are done by Jammeh on a daily basis.

The Guinea Bissau and Mali issues are illegitimate of course and are fresh wounds if I may call it. They are easy to heal. Yahya Jammeh’s issues are septic wounds that must be immediately cured before spreading and causing more damage. The world is watching another Charles Taylor in the making and everybody is keeping quiet about it. This man knows no diplomacy. It is not part of his vocabulary and therefore he has no respect for it.


It is high time the world puts a stop to him otherwise we shall all sit and labour in regret that we allowed him to carry whatever mission he had in mind. Yahya Jammeh we know is harbouring Hezbollah supporters in the Gambia.

Yahya Jammeh we know is the main supporter of the Cassamance rebels. Yahya Jammeh we know messed up Guinea Bissau and has used Bissau as a drug transit centre for long. Yahya Jammeh we know is involved in the importation of lethal arms for reasons best known to him. So tell me is this man not planning to convert West Africa into a war zone? Only Warlords behave the way this man is doing at the moment.

The ICC needs not go any further to find Yahya Jammeh wanting. The evidence to indict Jammeh is on hand and nobody can dispute that all what the ECOWAS Head of Governments want to invite the ICC to investigate in Bissau are already the order of the day in the Gambia. Why trying to heal a fresh wound and ignoring the septic one that is spreading more disease and harm and difficult to cure. This is Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh has already dug his grave really by pronouncing those words at his interview with the journalists at the Airport. I think the ECOWAS Head of Governments should tell the ICC to go after Yahya Jammeh. The USA has opened the flood gates by indicting him for the Lethal Arms shipment with the Iranian authorities.


So what is the ECOWAS Bloc waiting for? Go after him now that you can because if he escapes, he will be worst than Omar Bashir of Sudan.


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    Renee Bensinger (Saturday, 21 January 2017 14:43)

    Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It's on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!