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Message: Hi my names Matthew and am interested in picking Alans brains about drumming and drum making in Guinea.


I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the north east of England, and have been djembe drumming for about ten years now.


I've reached a point where I want to take my drumming to another level ,and I believe to do this I will need to go to Africa.I've also repaired my own and many friends djembe's and am becoming keenly interested in carving my own from British wood.Again to do this I will have to go to Africa ,and as Guinea is widely known as the djembe centre of Africa here I am.


I am currently applying to a source of funding to travel overseas to learn best practice and new skills in my chosen field, with a view to share upon return.I am keen to talk with you about your experiences with drumming as a medium to aid therapeutic working, as I  found drumming a real benefit in connecting with myself once more after a prolonged period of drug abuse.


Hopefully ,if your interested, we can find a chance to chat via skype .


Yours  Matthew G


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    Alan Tauber (Monday, 16 April 2012 01:47)

    Hey Matthew. Thanks for the shout. I agree, you need to go to Africa. Where in Africa and how you will get drum building education may come in different ways. I think going on a really structured trip where you will actually get the finest teachers and classes, private tutoring and the like is crucial. Like our trip in November! If you want to talk, please call. 781-316-8068. Or write more here so everyone can learn.

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